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Volunteer & Yoga Retreat

KAY offers a three day volunteer program to meet the children and local instructors. To extend the experience, KAY has chosen some  local resorts & attractions to offer you an extraordinary experience and discover Haiti.

The volunteer/ yoga retreat program has been created especially for those who want to go beyond a conventional yoga retreat. This is the unique opportunity to regenerate and make a difference in the lives of young people. You will experience a fulfilling cultural exchange with the Haitian people, and  discover their food and their love of life.


Our seven day retreat includes:

Part 1. Volunteer
Three days to safely immerse yourself in the Haitian culture and meet the children at the EDEYO school.

  • Visiting the school/orphanage Kay collaborates with.

  • Assisting children in various activities including yoga and creative projects.

  • Interacting with the local staff and helping them practice English.

  • Taking yoga classes with the local instructors.

  • Experiencing at least two local restaurant.

Part 2. Retreat
 Three - four days including

  • 2 daily yoga classes.

  • Plenty of free time to explore and restore after the volunteer work.

  • Discover the envied Caribbean white sandy beaches.


For each group of six people who attend the complete seven day program, KAY will invite a local instructor, free of charge, to the second half of the journey.

Our first retreat begins November 2018. To find out more please contact: