More than a job. 

We employ local yoga instructors who are committed, want to learn, and help others grow. We continue to support their growth through additional yoga training, English classes and the opportunity to join  part of the volunteer/ yoga retreat program. 

1. income Creation

We work to empower our local instructors to become confident, self-sufficient citizens. It starts by creating a regular income by teaching classes at our supported schools and communities. Currently our instructors are teaching  twice a week at the EDEYO school to over 35 children.

With the experience they have gained with KAY, they are also encouraged to develop their own private clientele, which in turn helps to increase their autonomy and widen the community.

2. Continuing Education

We continue to invest in our team’s ongoing learning and personal growth.  In 2018 our teachers are enrolled in english classes through our Karma Funds.

3. GIVE back

Although we pay the Haitian yoga instructors, our success is based on community work and volunteering our time to give back. The concept of “paying it forward” is strong in our vision and we  invite or teachers in Haiti to share their new skills and teach yoga to other children and young adults. Dedicated new volunteers who show passion and leadership will be offered the opportunity to attend the next yoga teacher training in Haiti and potentially work with other school/orphanage we are partnered with. The more we grow, the more people we can help.


Meet our instructors.

Solages Spinoussa

Solages is the youngest daughter of a family of 4 girls. She is currently completing her last year at the university UNASMOH where she is studying education. Always eager to learn and develop her yoga practice, Solages dreams of one day opening a school in Haiti to help support her family and help anyone in need.

portrait 03.png

“I am a mentor. I have worked with KAY for about 3 years now. Working with kids has always been my passion and I made it my profession. I care about their well-being and their dreams.”



Rose Andrée Mondestin ( Ranjita).

Ranjita is what we call a beautiful soul. She is always smiling and giggling about something while being really responsible. She is the mother of a little girl and is currently attending university for Nursing.

portrait 01.png

“I feel that I play an important role in serving people, helping kids develop themselves at every level. Yoga offers me many benefits but mostly helps to drive out negative thinking, throwing out old emotions, stresses and other problems. I hope the yoga program continues to spread as much as possible in my country, and I believe it will bring a lot of positive changes to the lives of its practitioners.”



Ricardo Eugene

Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, Ricardo is passionate about KAY's mission. He's proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner and has grown to mentor both instructors and students alike. In additional to teaching, Ricardo is often the liaison between our founders and instructors for payroll and logistics. Ricardo also works as a civil engineering technician, tiler and plumber.

portrait 02.png

“I am a yoga coach, I have been teaching yoga with KAY to the children of Edeyo Bel-Air for 3 years and it gives me great pleasure to have the privilege to help these children through yoga, to bring a spark of light in them, to be able to help them become better people for our world through this great philosophy”


What's Next?

With more funding we will continue to expand our after school program to additional schools and invite more yoga instructors to join the KAY family.